by Harry J. Sievers


(Volume Three of Three)

ISBN 978-0-945707-18-9     $35.00

319 pages including illustrations, bibliography and index.

  This third and final volume in Harry J. Sievers’ biography of Indiana’s only President completes the map of Benjamin Harrison’s life and career.  The first two volumes are BENJAMIN HARRISON: HOOSIER WARRIOR (Through the Civil War Years, 1833-1865) and BENJAMIN HARRISON: HOOSIER STATESMAN (From the Civil War to the White House, 1865-1888).
   Father Sievers has prepared an exhaustive, scholarly biography of a man of character and courage.  The twenty-third President of the United States was marked from birth for high office, and the accomplishments of his administration (1889-1893) were many, though so often forgotten today.  Harrison, a staunch Republican, defied the party by insisting on civil service reforms in the heyday of the Spoils System.  He also attempted, without success, to bring the vote to Southern Negroes.  He was an honest, capable President in an era of crooked politics, and this final volume of Father Sievers’ biography rounds out the definitive study of the life and work of one of our more neglected political figures.  He has fully portrayed the President as a man of his era and a political leader, but he makes not pretensions of glamorizing a man who had littler glamour.

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