by Harry J. Sievers


(Volume One of Three)

ISBN 978-0-945707-16-5     $35.00

344 pages including illustrations, bibliography, and index.

  In this opening volume of Harry J. Sievers’ biography of our twenty-third President, the author has broken down the half-century-old wall of secrecy, procrastination, and neglect surrounding the private papers and personal life of Benjamin Harrison - Indiana’s adopted son.  Here for the first time is the full, documented account of the early years of the grandson of “Old Tippecanoe.”
   From Harrison’s boyhood on the family farm in North Bend, Ohio, through the early days of his marriage, political beginnings, and struggle to make a living as an Indiana lawyer, Father Sievers shows us a man whose integrity and modesty endeared him to his intimates, and whose boldness and courage in the Civil War won the devotion of his soldiers and earned for him a brigadier-general’s star.
   Although he was the grandson of a President and a descendant of a long line of Virginia burgesses, “Little Ben’s” own chief assets were simply a devoted wife, a gift for courtroom oratory, and an endless capacity for plain, hard work.  Nevertheless, in response to Lincoln’s desperate call for volunteers, he left his law desk and raised the 70th Indiana Volunteer Regiment, which he lead through such battles as Resaca, New Hope Church, and Kenesaw Mountain.  It was after his daring charge “up the ridge” at Peach Tree Creek that “Fighting Joe” Hooker promised him his star: “Harrison, by God, I’ll make you a Brigadier for this fight.”
   The life of Benjamin Harrison, product of an Ohio-Indiana era now almost forgotten, is the story of a man of courage, independence, and integrity - a fascinating commentary on the men, ideas and politics of the day.

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