by Oliver Perry Chitwood

ISBN 978-0-945707-02-8     $32.50

468 pages plus appendixes and index

   This interesting, and at the same time scholarly, biography unearths the memory of the tenth president of the United States from the grave of ignominy in which it has been buried by slander and vituperation and enables it to stand forth as that of an able, patriotic, and courageous statesman.
   The book tells the story of the public and private life of John Tyler, appraises his character, and reveals his rightful place in the history of the United States.  Despite the calumnies hurled against him by his political enemies and repeated by some modern historians, President Tyler stands forth from this study as a statesman of ability, courage, and honesty, entitled to considerably more credit than is usually accorded him for the notable measures of his administration, especially the negotiations that led to a settlement of the northeast boundary controversy and the annexation of Texas.  The book presents all the evidence now available that has any significant bearing on the century-old dispute as to the part played by Tyler in the bank controversy with the Whigs.
   Based upon a careful study of contemporary source material such as Tyler’s correspondence, newspapers, diaries and memoirs, public documents, etc., this, the only adequate biography of Tyler now available, fills a real need both of the layman and of the student of American History.

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