by Margaret Leech

ISBN 978-0-945707-24-0     $37.50

686 pages including acknowledgments, notes & references and index

    "Allan Nevins says:  "McKinley has waited for an able biography, but he has in the end been remarkably fortunate.  A more thorough, discerning and delightfully written book on him and his era could hardly be imagined.  Miss Leech presents a great body of new facts, and what is more important, an acute, independent and courageous set of judgments on McKinley, Hanna, the currency and tariff struggles, the Spanish War, and overseas expansion.  It is a full-bodied, exciting story.  Out of it emerges a convincing presentation of McKinley as a finer spirit and firmer President than most men have supposed, and a fresh impression of an era of transition and adventure for the nation."
   In this immensely readable book Margaret Leech has written absorbingly of a little-known personage of our past.  McKinley emerges as a man of charm and certain wry wit - - courteously reticent, and little understood even by his closest friends.
   With her skill as a writer and her sharp sense of drama, Miss Leech places McKinley against the background of his period and among his contemporaries.  In the Days of McKinley, as Mr. Nevins has said, "will satisfy the historical student as the best treatment yet given a neglected leader and stirring epoch; it will appeal to the general reader as a work of fine literary art."

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